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Mount Meru

Mount Meru: A Highest Peak Active Stratovolcano

Mount Meru is a beautiful and conically shaped active stratovolcano which is located 70 KM (43 mi) west of Mount Kilimanjaro in nation of Tanzania. It is the most popular fifth highest mountain on the African continent from where you can easily see buffaloes, giraffes, baboons as well as antelopes. This highest-pick mountain has as its spectacular backdrop 4566 meters high Mount Meru.

It is fully visible from Mount Kilimanjaro on the clear day at a height of 4565 meters (14,977 ft). In the late 1910’s, this mountain had some kind of minor eruption. There are various craters as well as small cones can be seen in the surrounding area which probably reflects different episodes of volcanic activity. Mount Meru is actually a topographic center piece of Arusha National Park. It has fertile slopes that rise above the surrounding savanna and also support forest which hosts varied wild life such as 400 species of birds, leopards as well as monkeys.

Mount Meru Tracking:
Mount Meru is just like serious 3 – 4 day trek which is often used as practice run in order to peak Mount Kilimanjaro. Sometimes a ranger or guide is necessary on each & every trek as significant numbers of buffalo commonly encountered. For this specific mountain, there is one official route up to the peak which is well-marked along way which provides comfortable & easy beds. On this summit, adaptation is very much important as you don’t need oxygen. Also you can spend at least 4 days on this trek which is highly recommended. For Mount Meru mountain, the best time for trekking is June to October and December to February.

On the Mount Meru peak, two different huts provide complete accommodation facilit that is Saddle Hut (3570 m) as well as Miriakamba Hut (2514 m).

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